well, I’m kinda new here. sooooo…just want to say…



hahahah! I can be a little TOO enthusiastic sometimes. This is because I hate being sulky and sad. Who wants to be a little emo kid anyway? I mean, there are lots to look forward to in life. So you should just Carpe Diem. SEIZE THE DAY. make everything count. Believe in fairies, wish on a star, fall in and out of love over and over again! Dream big, Live to the fullest! Life is too short to sulk around, or to be upset over the past. HAVE FUN.LET LOOSE. but not a little tooo loose to the point where you get into a whole lotta trouble.:))

So yeah. my blog will be about being happy, and occasionally, I’ll post my stories(future novels.I hope.:D) around here, for all of you to enjoy.:))

-Aly. Oh yeah! Follow me on twitter: AmichelleC27 :))

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