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New Year’s Resolution

Well, it’s that time again.

It’s the New Year!!:))


I finally get a clean slate again after last year, Time to start fresh, to start anew. And this time, I ain’t gonna waste any opportunities this time,:) I’m gonna make this count.

But first off, I have to say that I shall be fulfilling some things on my bucket list right now. Not that I’m gonna die anytime soon though, I’m just making sure that they are fulfilled. Since you never really know when your time comes.:/

On a lighter note, I really feel this year to be a good one. #hopefully

Well, among other things on my bucket list, these are the most difficult:

  • Travel alone. (preferably out of the country)
  • get any of my stories published 😉
  • make all of my wildest dreams come true.

now I know the last one is a bit vague, but hey, I have a lot of dreams that I just cannot post here since it would take me too long to write/list it all. So there, The three listed above are my utmost priority. And I will make at least one of them come true this year.

So that’s all then.:) I’ll be posting a lot now, and update this blog every once in a while.


Forever and Always,


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